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Suspisous Incident

by Noam Gil

directed by Yigael Sachs

costumes and set design: Daphne Peretz

lighting: Jake Sliv

music: Shosh Risman


Maayan Blum

Maayan Weisberg

Yigael Sachs

Orly Tobaly

Dan kiesler

Liz Rabian


 A black comedy about six minor characters in leading roles

 Yohanan Bloom is stabbed by his wife and lies dead beneath his dumbfounded children. Adina, his wife, cannot explain to their children this unexpected murderous act, yet implores them to save her from going to jail. They decide to throw their father's body near a remote settlement in the west bank, not far from a Palestinian Village, in order to confuse the authorities. 

Even though Yehiel, a resourceful police officer, is determined to bring the true culprits to justice, the obscure incident is identified in the media as a terrorist act. Adina immediately turns into a tragic figure, and her husband is celebrated as a patriot, sacrificing his life for the country. The Blooms are revered as national celebrities and gradually lose control of the fantasy they invented and embrace a twisted existence which loses its grip on reality.

"The play, Suspicious Incident, proves that there is an intelligent, up to date, funny and remarkable theater in Israel… This black comedy has a crazy mosaic which gradually gets solved in a manner that surprises the audience over and over again. This wonderful play is a pure pleasure,"


Eitan Bloom, Haaretz.

"A relentless farce, where every laughter instigates another one… Our lives here never seemed more truthful on stage in one of the best fringe plays that we've seen lately,"
Dana Shukhmacher, Ma'ariv.

"One of the funniest, relentless and original plays written is Israel recently,"


Shai Bar Yaakov, ynet

a wonderful play that causes the viewer to laugh, to understand that this is our country, and to cry.
Ofek Levy/ Broadway world


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