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Israeli Drama Development Fund

Israeli Drama Development Fund started its first project (Starting Point 1) in 2012 at the initiative of “Kvutsat Avoda” theater association, in cooperation with the Pais Culture-Council, aiming to encourage quality writing and new original Israeli drama.

The Foundation runs the “starting point” programs which provides financial and professional support for playwrights during the writing process, and encourage new aspiring playwrights through projects such as "The Playwrights Greenhouse," and "New Voices"

“Kvutsat Avoda” theater association, that runs the Israeli drama Development Fund, was established in 2011 in order to promote independent theater and original drama.





    Productions of plays developed with the suport of Statrting Point Project 

We Are The Champions/Shay Lahav

Cameri Theatre

The Settler/ Noam Gil

"Kvutsat Avoda" Ensemble

Bertod and Agnes/Noa Lazar


Biot Rishonot/Uri Nitzan

Haifa Theatre

The Advocate/ Danielle Cohen Levi

Khan Theatre

Marlen/Sarah Ezer

Beit Lesin Theatre

Lady Amar/ Noam Gil

"Kvutsat Avoda" Ensemble

Starting Point Festival - 2016  Program

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