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A Horror comedy - A tough Jewish contractor, moves with his young wife to a villa he built in an arab village. He dreams of developing the place for the benefit of all its residents and a rapid increase in real estate prices, but receives a cold reception. After a violent incident with some of the neighbours, it seems that his dream is about to shatter on the rocks of reality, but a man like him will not give up and surrender. One night the Line has been crossed once more, and he decides to stand his ground and take his destiny into his own hands.


A Play By Noam Gil

Director: Yigael Sachs

Set and Costume:

Daphne Perez

Lighting: Amir Castro

Video: Ofer Harari

Music: Shushan

Dramaturgy: Gilad Evron

A. Director: Shaked Shneler

Show manager:

Rephael Gatenyo


Sharon Alexander

khalifa natour

Bat Elle Mashian

Minas Qarawany

Atalah Tanous

Video Cast:

 Yuval Segal, Maayan Weisberg, Omer Etzion, Maayan Bloom, Yigael Sachs


המחזה פותח בסיוע הקרן לפיתוח מחזאות ישראלי מיסודו של מפעל הפיס

צילום: שמחה ברבירו

בת אל משיאן בראיון  בכאן 11

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