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by Yigael Sachs

directed by Yigael Sachs

costumes and set design: Daphne Peretz

lighting: Jake Sliv

video: Ofer Harari


Sharon Alexander

Merav Gruber

Batel Mashian

Asaf Parinte

Udi Persi


In a world where the truth seems to be out of fashion, one day one man stands up and insists on telling the truth the whole truth and only the truth. He has money, he has a broadcast studio, he has a microphone, and he is gaining more and more support and sympathy. His truth is blatant, harsh, offensive, and maybe his truth is noting but a lie . Maybe he's just  clown, but maybe this man is actually the devil. A small group of people ready to risk everything trying to show the world the naked truth.


A dramatic comedy about sex and ideals, politics and pornography, and the very small difference between falsehood and truth.


לוח הצגות

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