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by Yael Tal 

directed by Yael Tal

music: Naama Redler

costumes and set design: Daphne Peretz 

lighting: Jake Sliv

dramaturgy: Yigael Sachs

easistent director: Gili Neuman


show manager:Shaked Shleler


Ori Atia

Yael Tal

Omer Etzion

Assaf Pariente

Maayan Weisberg

Naama Redler

Ness Ziona - The Musical is a musical nonsense comedy about success, happiness and the conection between them. The 80's in the small town Ness Ziona, when rock and roll was real, when leggings were in fashion, and everyone dreamed of catching the bus to the big city, or at least winning the first prize at the annual  costume contest "The Porimon".

Yinon sits all day at the bus station in Nes Ziona, but he never gets on the bus, until one day, a new girl arrives in town - Vardit from Yahud and disrupts Yinon's boring routine.

"The Kvutsat Avoda ensemble brings to the stage a work that has a lot of grace and talent and stands out for its teamwork. Even if the musical has one writer and director (Yel Tal), it is evident that each of the actors contributes their creative talent and special grace and an entertaining and warming theatrical experience is created Heart" (for further reading)Nano Saturn, Haaretz


"Dont Miss it! We need more small, smart and joyful plays like this one..." (continue reading) Sefi Krupsky, TIMEOUT Tel Aviv 


Photografer: Uri Rubinstein

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