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Not the End of the World


A romantic fantasy, created and directed by Yigal sachs
A teacher in love goes on a journey to the end of the world, in order to prove that the world is flat

After twenty years of teaching high school science, Michael Falls in love with Noa, his former student and current neighbor, who is in love with Zohar - a charismatic network star who promotes the flat world theory with enormous success.
Inspired by an encounter with Galileo's ghost, Michael decides to go with Noa on a journey to the end of the world, and Zohar decides to pursue a political career, to be appointed Minister of Science, and to prove to the world that the sky is the limit, and we are the center of the universe.




Maayan Bloom

Abraham Celektar

Maayan Kilchevsky
Tamir Ginsburg

Costumes and set design: Daphne Peretz
Lightning: Amir Castro

Video: Ofer Harari

Music: Naama Redler
Assistant director and show manager: Gilad Gordon
Dramaturgical consultation: Sharon Sheterk

צילום: שמחה ברבירו

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